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Player Information
Name: Squall
Age: 33
Contact: SquallHighwind/Discord: Squall Highwind v2 #7369
Characters already in Medietas: n/a
Reserve Link:

Character Basics
Character name: Captain Marvelous
Character Journal: [personal profile] sumofallreds
Canon: Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger/Super Sentai
Canon Point: 6 years post series
Age: Late 20s-Early 30s

Canon Character Information
Appearance: Unlike most people's image of pirates (or space pirates for that matter), Marvelous is relatively cleancut and has no visible injuries (no peg legs...sorry!). His most noteable feature is his long red coat, which he wears nearly all year round.

History: Here AND HERE (second link fills out main series history that is not present in main character entry)


Marvelous is a pirate to the core. He believes it is his right to do what he wants, when he wants to do it, and to hell with anyone who gets in his way.

Though, this doesn't mean he is without morals, and will act to help innocent civilians from Zangyack at a moment's notice (though he will give arbitrary reasons for doing so, which sound more like excuses than anything else most times).

He is also extraordinarily reckless, often leaping into dangerous situations without thinking (such as simply diving through a ring of fire, declaring that spunk will get him through), always confident he will come out fine, because of his abilities. This is also linked to his focus: when given something to find, he will aim for it and nothing else, until it is found. This also makes him quite bold, often stopping the first person (or group of people) he sees to ask for information, despite the fact that the people may be obviously ill-informed of his target.

His personality will often grate on more moral people's nerves (in fact, several Super Sentai teams look at him with an apprehensive raised eyebrow most of the time). But Marvelous often doesn't care about what others think of him, and just as often, proves himself to be a true hero in the end, despite his pirate nature.

But when it comes to his crew, things change a bit. He cares about them a great deal, which have lead to a few conflicts between his goals/outward nature and how he actually feels. He also trusts them a great deal as well, enough to leave them to their own devices if the situation warrants it.

Joe is Marvelous' number 2 in all respects. Having recruited him after freeing him from a Zangyack tracking device (Joe having deserted from Zangyack's army), he relies on his advice and stoic nature to keep him footed, though they will tend to clash every once in a while.

Marvelous then met Luka, a smart-mouthed, sneak thief, who raided Zangyack's supplies to feed her family and friends, who were very poor. He will prey on her greedy nature, but he's come to let her loose when he needs a less than savory plan.

Next crewmate was Don...or as he calls him 'Doc'. He initially tried to hire Doc to repair the Galleon's main computer, but his cowardice got the better of him. But, when Marevlous saw Doc's potential (as well as his talent for cleaning and cooking), he brought him on as one of the crew, despite his shortcomings.

The final crew member not of Earth was Ahim, princess of Planet de Famile, a planet that Zangyack had brazed for their resistance. He was impressed that a princess would want to fight alongside them, especially as a pirate herself, so he allowed her along. She seems to have a calming effect on the crew, especially Marvelous himself (whether this is an indication of something more is hazy at best).

The absolute final member was from Earth itself: Gai, who was a professed Super Sentai fanatic. Marvelous at first hated his over abundant enthusiasm, especially when it came to his fanboy-ish tendencies, but allowed him aboard for what powers he added to the team, and the man eventually grew on him, though he will still annoy Marvelous a lot.

There are only two things that set Marvelous off completely: his past with the Akai Pirates (and his mentor ship under Akared and how it ended in the elder's apparent death), and the betrayal of the other member: Basco ta Jolokia. His rivalry with the flamboyant, vindictive privateer formed a large grudge, not only adding to his hatred of Zangyack (who Basco betrayed them to), but also a personal vendetta against the man himself. Even the slightest mention of his name will earn a growl.

He also learned and grew from his experiences meeting Earth's Super Sentai. For example, from Doggie Kruger, the Chief of Earth's Branch of Space Police, he learned that allies can come from all places, rather than ones that shared a common view of the world. From Satoru Akashi, leader of Gogo Sentai Boukenger, he remembered and learned to truly embrace the simple thrill of adventure in a time when his drive to one-up Basco was driving him up the wall. And from Gai Yuuki of Chojin Sentai Jetman, he learned how to overcome the intense fear of overwhelming odds, that had been put into him by a much earlier defeat in his career by an insanely-strong bounty hunter.

Marvelous has very few weaknesses to speak of. He can become conflicted when pressed with a moral choice that might make his appearance as a space pirate be diminished. This can also cause various conflicts if someone of a higher moral fiber is working with him, making them butt heads over how to go about things (and the butting of heads WILL happen in this instance...he's always up for a fight). And he can be lured with food if it's not overtly a trap.

His past, particularly AkaRed, can also be a hindrance, as it will make him act far more recklessly (even though his original reckless behavior can screw him over at times).


- Ranger keys allow
Marvelous to transform into previous and future Super Sentai's forms (More detailed information in link). Marvelous tends to stick to using the keys of Red Heroes.
- Able to see and communicate with spirits of the dead that normal humanoids may not be able to
- When transformed, strength, endurance and speed are all enhanced, though Marvelous has been shown to have exceptional physical characteristics when not transformed (has stood in the middle of a massive explosion and not budged an inch, and has trained with weighted bracelets during off-times). He also seems to have an enhanced ability to heal, so long as he's well fed during it.
- Highly adept at sword and gunplay (often at the same time), despite a lack of formal training. This manifests as a lot of dirty fighting.
- Is able to access GokaiReds sidearms out of transformed state, likely due to having both the proper Ranger Key and Mobirates in his possession. If either were depowered, he'd likely not be able to access them.

What 4 items would you like your character to have with them on the island during their stay? Transformation Cellphone Mobirates, GokaiRed Ranger key, KyouryuuRed Ranger Key, ShishiRed Ranger Key

First Person:

It's the Captain's job to listen to his crew when they need to speak up. That's a rule. And in return, they listen to the Captain's orders.

That DOESN'T mean I have to sit in this tiny space while Gai babbles on about the five new Sentai teams. Or was it four? I've lost count. I knew this stop-over on Earth was a waste of time. Sure...he was getting homesick, and our search for any of Ahim's people wasn't getting anywhere fast, and several treasure leads came up dry (or in that one case...extraordinarily wet), and it's not like I hate this planet. Hell, I miss it. But it's not my idea of a vacation spot.

Where does he even pick up this information anyway? Hiromu...fine. We know them already. But the's like he decided to just go all out and find every scrap of info he can find. Why isn't he this useful when we need a scout? At least he's getting more pirate-like in his looks. He still dresses like a weirdo, but he's letting himself get scruffy. Luka even managed to convince him to dye his hair.

Dinosaur guns are kinda cool, I guess. Ninjas...there's too many of those as there is. And what the hell is this one about KIDS being Sentai? No freaking way. I don't believe it for a second. And then there's that one where most of the team is supposed to be human-animals. He acts like that's a big shock. There are entire PLANETS like that. We've been to them. Earthlings need to pop themselves out of this bubble they're in.

Looks like this ride is over. Ahim and Luka are off already. Guess they're trying to figure out what we're riding next. I hope it's that roller coaster. The one where you go backwards. Much more exciting than this Ferris Wheel. One big, slow circle...wheeeeeeee.

As I get off and try to put some distance between myself and Gai, I notice something strange out of the corner of my eye. That guy...looks positively Zangyack-looking. But that's impossible. We've been wiping out any pockets of them we've come across. Doesn't mean the whole of them is gone, but they wouldn't dare come out here again. Right?

I excuse myself and try to get closer, when Navi pops into my face. Damn bird made me lose him, so, of course I try to give him a bit of retribution in the form of grinding a nice dent in its metallic head. But that soon stops when he mentions one of the leads I'd been investigating: The Link Cube...and the legendary treasure in it. It's here?

"Well then: get me more information. If it's here...we're going on a Treasure Hunt."

I call Gai over. He needs to get us the Ranger Keys. Something about that guy...appearing just as we find this out. It gives me a bad feeling. But...hey. At least now I'm feeling excited.

Third Person:

How did I get us into this mess?

That's what spiraled through Marvelous' mind as he thought about the last little while. One second, they'd been eating at that curry place...the next, Earth had been attacked by Zangyack. He'd ordered the crew back to the Galleon to come up with some kind of plan. But they had to come across the Action Commander, threatening a group of small children and their teacher.

What had sparked Marvelous' mind? Had it been the worried look on his crew's faces? His knowledge of just what they were fearing? That this planet might just be another Zangyack territory? Was it the fact that if that happened, that the Greatest treasure in the Universe would slip through their grasp, and their dreams crushed...or just made infuriatingly harder? Or was it the fear and despair in those children's faces as Marvelous watched that Action Commander taunt and threaten them. Only one thing could sum up what he wanted at that moment, and he said it before raising his gun and starting a fight:

"I don't like it."

All in all: it was a good brawl. They'd had to resort to using three sets of Super Sentai powers to finish off the small fries, and the Action Commander was all bluster and firepower...but no brains or real strength. The REAL trouble was what the consequences were: they were real targets for the empire now. His thoughts had to move over, as those same kids and their teachers came over to thank them. Marvelous had to fight off a smile: pirates weren't heroes. They had no business in basking in glory, or triumphing over evil. His crew understood, as they tried to explain why they didn't need to be thanked. But when Ahim stumbled on their reasons, he had to stop his walk away from them to fill in the blank.

"For the curry rice."

"Ehhhh!?" The confusion rang from the Earthling's mouths.

"We were angry about not getting any. Well. That's all it was."

It was a good enough excuse: it saved their pride, but let them keep the good
feeling about helping out. That was fine.

Finally, out of the 4 words, pick one: Chimes, lake, gravel, or sun? Sun
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[Action 1: L'D├ęplaisant]

[Marvelous tugs at his work clothes, a disdainful look on his face. These clothes feel stiff, as if they were brand new. Except for the fact...]

And I've been apparently working at how long again?

[No one answers him as he wanders among the tables to find something to do. He's not too interested in actually doing his so-called job]

[Action 2: Downtown Streets]

[Exploring the town. His mission: find something to wear that's halfway in his tastes. Though, he's highly tempted to just steal something rather than actually buying it (though he hasn't decided yet)]

Is it just me or does everything here look...dreary?

[This could take a while]
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[Action: 7134 Brooks Lane]

[Marvelous sits up, the morning sun stinging his eyes into a state between open and shut. Which was funny since he had CLOSED the window in his bunk last night since it had started to get a bit chilly.

As his eyes creep open, he begins to see something amiss. White. The room was white. Which assuredly is NOT the interior of the Galleon at any stretch. Now his eyes are wide open.

Soon out of bed, he notices his clothes and a ring that are not his own, and in a quick and increasingly frantic effort he can't find his Mobirates ANYWHERE in the room, nor any sign of his crew]

Is this some kind of Zangyack trick? Where the hell am I?!


[Voice: Most assuredly frustrated, playing up the slight gruffness his voice always has]

All right. Now you listen up and good: I have three questions. Who the hell are you; where is this place, and where is my damn crew!? You have 3 seconds to answer before I go and find out myself.


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